Mar 24

Komori Production Back to Normal

We received some outstanding news from Japan today.  Our factories in Tsukuba and Yamagata, which resumed operation March 22, are now in full production.  While there are scheduled power outages in place, the production schedules have been modified to compensate for these occurrences.

With the improvement in the fuel situation, logistics have also improved and crucial parts needed for production are making their way to the factory.  This is all great news!  There will be some delay in press shipments through mid-April, but given the magnitude of the situation in Japan, this is relatively minor.

On a personal note, we have been overwhelmed by the response from our customers and the entire printing community, with well wishes and concern.   We are extremely grateful for all the kindness.  We continue to hold the people of Japan in our thoughts and prayers as they continue to deal with the devastation.  It is truly in times of crisis that one learns to appreciate what is truly important in life.

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