Apr 01

Alleviating Fears or Concerns Regarding Radiation in Komori Products

There has been a significant amount of talk in the marketplace about the radiation levels in products being shipped from Japan.  Many people, quite naturally, have had questions regarding the radiation levels of Komori presses and parts shipping from Japan since the disaster.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection organization has standards and inspections in place to check for radiation levels.  To quote from their website, “To address radiological and nuclear risks, CBP employs several types of radiation detection equipment in its operations at both air and sea ports, and uses this equipment, along with specific operational protocols to resolve any security or safety risks that are identified with inbound travelers and cargo.”  (For more information, visit their website at www.cbp.gov).

The bottom line is that if there were harmful levels of radiation on any product shipped into the United States, from any country, it would be barred from entry.  Our plants are also measuring the radiation levels of parts shipped in and of products being shipped out.

We will have more information on that procedure early next week.  We hope this alleviates any fears or concerns our customers, or others in the industry may have regarding this issue.

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