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Oct 08

The End of the Age of Gutenberg?

Perhaps 200 years from now, historians will be calling the 21st Century the “End of the Age of Gutenberg.” The development of movable type in the 1400s slowly nudged knowledge and information past the gates of shadowy cloisters into the public, commercial realm. With (lots of) time and further innovation, Gutenberg’s vision of standardized and …

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Sep 19

A Job Well Done at PRINT 13

We just finished another Print show.  And while our dogs are still barking, and crates are still being unpacked, I sit here with a great sense of satisfaction.  Exhibitions and tradeshows are a double-edged sword for many exhibitiors—especially those of us who manufacture large offset equipment.  The sheer cost of showing up can be daunting, …

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Oct 01

Graph Expo 2012 is Just Around the Corner

The Komori Booth at Graph Expo 2011

Graph Expo 2012 is just around the corner.  And with it comes the crazy, hectic tradeshow frenzy that every exhibitor lives through. The nightmares, the middle of the night “we should do this” brainstorms, coupled with “the no sleep at all” nights worrying about what you’ve forgotten. I’ve been managing tradeshows for more years than …

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May 18

drupa 2012 — The “Thoughtful” drupa

Komori “family photo” on the first day of drupa 2012

We can close the book on drupa 2012—all that’s left is the tearing down and the moving out. The pundits will debate the success, the highs and lows, over the course of the next several weeks and it will be interesting to read their varying perspectives. Yes, attendance was lower than last drupa, but what …

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May 07

Live from drupa 2012 – Catch the Excitement at the Komori Stand

drupa is in full swing, and if you watch the video below you can see for yourself what’s happening in the Komori stand in Hall 15. If you’ve never had the “drupa experience,” you don’t know what you’re missing. New technology is EVERYWHERE—and the Komori stand has loads of it! I can’t wait for the …

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Mar 22

Counting Down the Days Until drupa 2012


drupa 2012 is rapidly approaching—are you attending? For me, this drupa already feels different. There have been a host of announcements from a wide range of exhibitors touting a number of interesting and exciting new products. It seems to me that drupa will be “springtime” in more ways than one—new products introduced, new alliances being …

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Dec 05

Social Media Marketing for Printers: Prepare for Launch

Now that we’ve explored the five most active social media platforms available and how they can advance your business goals, it’s time to evaluate which platforms are right for your business. Then, the next step is to develop a strategy for building and growing your presence. Where do you go from here?

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Nov 16

Social Media Marketing for Printers: Get Connected on LinkedIn


You’re most likely on LinkedIn. So are the executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies. To most users, LinkedIn might be considered something like an extremely large online Rolodex. While a basic LinkedIn profile is an effective tool for keeping track of people, finding people that you are looking for, and being found by them, …

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Oct 12

Social Media Marketing for Printers: Sharing Your Business’ Story on YouTube


With more than 2 billion views per day, YouTube is more than just an online entertainment platform. Video has the potential to add highly engaging content to your business’ social media strategy. Did you know that more than 50 percent of Fortune 100 companies have a YouTube Channel? These channels have received an average of …

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Oct 05

Social Media Marketing for Printers: Ready, Set, Blog!


The Internet has truly changed the way we receive and share information in our daily lives. In addition to your traditional media outlets, blogs have become a mainstream source of news, opinion, and information. But did you know that while there are millions of active blogs on the Internet, only one-third of Fortune 100 companies …

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