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Aug 13

The Dynamic Growth of Social Media—Time to Pay Attention, Part 5: Getting connected through LinkedIn

LinkedIn_Logo 2015

So far in this blog series, I’ve shared about the important roles that Twitter, Facebook and blogging can play as part of an integrated marketing plan for your print business. Another social media platform that  deserves attention—and one we probably all use, but maybe not to the max— is LinkedIn. Although it started out essentially …

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Jul 22

The Dynamic Growth of Social Media—Time to Pay Attention, Part 4: Enjoy the power of blogging


If you are a reader as I am, you probably regularly follow your favorite industry or general news blogs. Blogs have become a very prevalent way to share information and opinions in today’s internet-connected world. My next question is, are you blogging on behalf of your print business? If you haven’t done so yet, let …

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Jun 30

The Dynamic Growth of Social Media—Time to Pay Attention, Part 3: What is going on with Facebook for business?


In this blog series, I have been sharing what role social media can—and should—play in your  integrated marketing plan, as well as clueing you in on a few changes that have taken place since our first white paper on the subject. In the last blog posted, I wrote about the tremendous power of Twitter to …

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Dec 03

The Shelf or the Web: Where Will Your Next Good Book Come From?

I am an avid reader—have been since childhood. I am also a technology geek, so when e-readers hit the market I was ecstatic. No more toting heavy tomes on long trips, no fear of running out of something to read, no more books cluttering the nooks and crannies in my house. I was sure my …

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Nov 19

The String Theory of Leadership

In creating your company’s value stream, planning, assessing and determining practical and useful benchmarks and goals for improvement is important, but the hardest part is making it all actually work. Your employees may believe “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” A new program or new incentive is posted on a bulletin …

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Nov 05

Lean, Mean Value Stream

Toyota Motor Corp. has given manufacturers in all fields—and all over the world—a model of efficient, value stream production. While producing automobiles is quite a different thing than producing printed materials, much can be learned from Toyota’s philosophy. The Toyota system originally identified seven sources of waste:

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Oct 22

Waste by Any Other Name

Lean Printing means operational efficiency with the goal of identifying and weeding out wasteful processes and resources that do not add value, but rather, reduce a print company’s profits. Operational efficiency also involves implementing new work processes and the latest technologies that improve quality, productivity and environmental sustainability. Typically, “waste” in a printing company is …

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Oct 08

The End of the Age of Gutenberg?

Perhaps 200 years from now, historians will be calling the 21st Century the “End of the Age of Gutenberg.” The development of movable type in the 1400s slowly nudged knowledge and information past the gates of shadowy cloisters into the public, commercial realm. With (lots of) time and further innovation, Gutenberg’s vision of standardized and …

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Oct 01

Graph Expo 2012 is Just Around the Corner

The Komori Booth at Graph Expo 2011

Graph Expo 2012 is just around the corner.  And with it comes the crazy, hectic tradeshow frenzy that every exhibitor lives through. The nightmares, the middle of the night “we should do this” brainstorms, coupled with “the no sleep at all” nights worrying about what you’ve forgotten. I’ve been managing tradeshows for more years than …

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May 18

drupa 2012 — The “Thoughtful” drupa

Komori “family photo” on the first day of drupa 2012

We can close the book on drupa 2012—all that’s left is the tearing down and the moving out. The pundits will debate the success, the highs and lows, over the course of the next several weeks and it will be interesting to read their varying perspectives. Yes, attendance was lower than last drupa, but what …

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