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Oct 22

Waste by Any Other Name

Lean Printing means operational efficiency with the goal of identifying and weeding out wasteful processes and resources that do not add value, but rather, reduce a print company’s profits. Operational efficiency also involves implementing new work processes and the latest technologies that improve quality, productivity and environmental sustainability. Typically, “waste” in a printing company is …

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Jul 12

Are You Ready For Automation? Real Automation?

I wanted to offer some perspective to all those who are considering a new press. The entry dialogue is and has been “how fast will it make-ready?” After all, hasn’t the mantra always been to produce print “better, faster, cheaper?” All the focus has been on the machine and the software to improve your profit …

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Dec 15

Unlocking the Efficiency Toolbox

Hello and welcome to the Komori community blog. My name is Doug Schardt, Product Manager for Komori America Corporation. Our goal of having a blog is to create a learning community where we can all share information and offer resources. So, today I want to share some thoughts around efficiency in the press room. In …

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